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Written by Don MacVittie   
Saturday, 09 May 2009

Been a while since I made an update, so here's the current status...

  1. Finished with all but writing about Offensive Miniatures US Airborne (28mm) they came out nice enough.
  2. The WebMistress and I have been using Twitter for work for a good long while, and now we have one for this site and our RPG site (we opted to start with just one for both items). If you want nightly updates/ponderings/etc in 140 characters or less, go here. To filter out RPG stuff, search on #paint.
  3. Just finished a Tamiya 1:48 Panther G and Sherman M4A1, will post pictures soon (Sherman is with the Airborne army)
  4. Working on Pegasus Models Gothic Ruins Set #1, about 1/2 way through them.
  5. Working on the upgrade of this system to something more neuvo.
  6. Next on the painting table is a Tamiya 1:48 T-34 with Tankodesant and some infantry.
  7. After that, I want to turn back to 15mm for WWII. I have a Russian reinforced infantry army (more than a year old), and an Afrika Korps Panzergrenadier army (both set up for FoW). If you have a preference, let me know.
  8. I have a major night or two of work restoring the vehicles and stands my 15 month old got to. Mostly the 20mm plastics, but some of the 15mm (mostly the German 7th Panzer EW army), and some 28mm - a Bradley, a Cromwell, a Stuart, some British Airborne, and a Humber, all took a hit pretty badly (the Stuart barrel is twisted off). And to think I was standing there. Can't imagine what he'd have done with 10 minutes alone. ;-)
  9. I also have a cache of five 1:16th fantasy figures to assemble and paint.

That's it for now. Items like these bullet points will come through the Twitter account, and the new site will RSS feed the Twitter account in once it's ready to go live.

Oh, okay, I'll slip in a picture of the Sherman...


Until next time,


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