Age of Gunpowder
Perry ACW Plastics: Misfire or deathshot? | Print |  E-mail
Written by Don MacVittie   
Thursday, 29 May 2008

From 1861 to 1865, the United States of America were not so united. The war of secession raged across the country, leaving only the farthest northern areas untouched. For the US, it was the end of an age – artillery had been proven to the US in the Mexican American War and the War of 1812, and in the Civil War it played a major role, with massed batteries inflicting World War I style casualties on advancing lines of troops. Never again would American soldiers fight in such a war.

The Rebs are a’ comin’!

Cannon Candor: 15mm ACW Artillery Review. | Print |  E-mail
Written by Don MacVittie   
Wednesday, 30 April 2008



All of the pieces in this review. Note that some do not yet have crews in this picture.

 In North America, artillery proved its worth during the Mexican American War, just a few short decades before the Civil War broke out. When the American Civil War came, both sides were well stocked with artillery and its massed use was planned. The US had largely escaped the earlier wars in Europe that had utilized the cannon to great effect, and now was about to relearn those lessons. 

The timing was perfect, new production techniques had reduced both cost and delivery time, making artillery plentiful, if a bit dangerous to use. American observers who would later serve on both sides were present in the Crimea or shortly afterward, and brought back lessons on artillery and transportation. The stage was set for a conflagration that would utilize the artillery piece in ways the US had not yet seen.

We brought Eureka Miniatures, GFI, Old Glory Miniatures, Quick Reaction Force, and Stone Mountain Miniatures Parrott Rifles and Napoleons into our painting area for review. While we were ordering for all of our upcoming ACW reviews, we ordered entire armies from Stone Mountain and Irregular Miniatures. It is unfortunate that Irregular’s army does not include artillery, but watch for them in both the Army Boxes series and the other two reviews in this series.

Thanks once again to Scott of PaperTerrain for reading this for us.

Edit: 12 May 08 - Fixed references based on OG actual package contents.

Note (13 May 08) SeattleGamer on TMP has observed that the spoke counts for the pieces in this review are varied and some incorrect. See TMP for the thread, but a summary is that GFI and Stone Mountain have the correct spoke count if that is an issue for you. 

Note (14 May 08): Some gents have commented that they believe the color of the carriages should be green - they may well be right. Since this observation does not invalidate the review - which is about vendors, not paint jobs, though that might be hard to tell from the frothing going on at some sites - we will not be making changes, but if you came here hoping for painting examples, please note that OD green or a gray green is considered correct by most for the carriages. In the future perhaps those with concerns will comment on the site where the review is hosted.


Through a Cold Prism:How Russia's contribution to the Preservation of the Union has been lost. | Print |  E-mail
Tuesday, 11 December 2007
The Editrix put together a research paper on the Russian contribution to the Union during the American Civil War, and asked me to read through it. I learned, I was impressed, I asked if we could host it.

In this document she builds a case for a much larger contribution than is thought in contemporary times, and shows how without entering hostilities Russia may well have kept other belligerents out of the American Civil war.

We're pleased to host it here, and are happy that in addition to editing everyone else's work she gets the opportunity to show her research and writing skills.


Line of Fire: 15mm Scale Creep Civil War Infantry Miniatures. | Print |  E-mail
Written by Don MacVittie   
Sunday, 28 October 2007
Don takes an in-depth look at a selection of Scale Creep's 15mm ACW miniatures.

Vive L'Empereur! 20mm Samples by NapoleoN Miniatures | Print |  E-mail
Written by Dwarfman   
Tuesday, 22 May 2007


NapoleoN Miniatures is a new and growing company that specializes in 20mm Napoleonic models. I received two sample figures, one French Voltigeur and one French Artilleryman.

Here are the unpainted models. I mounted them on bottle caps for painting.

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