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Written by Don MacVittie   
Sunday, 13 January 2008

Baueda has a large selection of terrain and basing products in the ancients space, so we weren’t surprised to hear that the company is moving into the World War II era. When the CAMA line of WWII bases and terrain first became available, we got our hands on six packs to give you an idea of the breadth of selection offered.


Because the CAMA Web site contains pictures of these (and many more) products done up with trees and static grass, we decided to paint ours up in mud and dirt without any obscuring decoration. Not that we don’t like the way the items on the Baueda site are decorated—we do. But we wanted to show you the amazing detail the company offers without covering any of it up. It’s likely that when we permanently place our late-war German platoon on these bases we’ll throw on some grass to add a bit of flare, but that’s not necessary, as you’ll see in the attached pictures.

For this review, we received one of each pack:

15A05CM – Medium/Light Artillery Bases (Rural)

15A09CM – Command Scenic Bases (Rural)

15A10CM – Dug In Markers (Rural)

15006CM – Medium HMG Bunker (German)

15017CM – Small Fortified Emplacement (Rural)

15021CM – Small Octagonal Open Bunker (German)

From the moment we set eyes on these items, we knew that Baueda had done its job well. Granted, these are brand new molds—we had to wait for the first order of blisters to be delivered to Baueda before we could get ours—but still, they’re detailed, they have a lot packed onto them, and generally speaking they do not crowd out figures. 

The detail on most of these bases is astounding, and being brand new, the level of flash and globs of resin is very low. Indeed, these are uncleaned, only washed and primed.

Of course, the topics chosen for a given casting impact the usefulness and look of the resulting product. Though these are all very nice models, a stack of sandbags—even well-made ones—is not going to look as nice as an emplacement made of several different items. 

But we’ll quit telling you about it and just show you.

First, the packaging. While not a huge deal, it is helpful sometimes to see the manner in which a vendor packages its product. Baueda does a pretty good job of delivering an appealing package. 

The Terrain packages, as delivered.


More important is how the product looks out of the package, but without us mucking about.

All of the pieces, before even washing.

Now, on to the important part: What do they look like with a bit of painting? Note that we performed zero cleanup on these, just wash and prime—they didn’t need more.

Well, our Battlefront U.S. Artillery platoon likes the Dug In Marker set; we will use these to show artillery as dug-in when playing Poor Bloody Infantry. In fact, we used them the night this article was written for our Japanese Army to hold off the U.S. Airborne on an unnamed Pacific Isle. 

The larger dug-in markers with BF Artillery on them.

Next up is the small fortified emplacement. We find many different uses for this particular base. If you want to permanently mount figures on it, it’s a good size for an artillery or AT piece (just over large base size); it also makes a great start on an objective. For a more mobile use, it’s a great hull-down or fortification marker. 

The large base with a Peter Pig 57mm AT gun in it.

The large base with a BF Sherman 76 using it to get hull down.

The large base with the BF artillery staff using it for cover.

The medium bases are nearly exactly the dimensions of a Battlefront medium base, with some having small hangovers where the ground extends past the edges of the base. We dug up some unbased figures from several different theatres to give you an idea of how they will work with your armies. Remember that my paint scheme can impact the look of the bases overall. We painted these with a Western European flavor, and the figures we use don’t have their bases painted or flocked to blend them in (because we needed to swap them in and out for pictures—when we put them to use we will make certain they’re well blended). With that said, here are some pictures of the medium bases. 

The medium bases with figures from the British 8th army (BF), Japanese Imperial Army (RR), and Late War Panzergrenadiers (BF)

The Machine Gun Emplacement is the simplest of these figures, just a concrete octagon with one side open for entry/exit. While very nicely crafted, there’s not much you can do with this one unless you place it into a terrain bit.

The MG Emplacement

The pill box is not much better … since it’s a small pill box, how much can you do with it? On the beaches at Normandy, these traditionally had only one to three soldiers in them, so making the inside big enough for a stand (it is) probably stretches reality already. Once again though, it is a well-crafted piece, and we use it as a strongpoint objective.

The Small Pill Box. Baueda has plans for larger ones, we’re looking forward to them!

The small bases are as nice, perhaps even nicer, than the medium bases. Our only concern about them is that they have mounting points for only two figures. While this is great in some games, we prefer what was done with the medium bases—no mounting points at all—to having exactly two.

The bases on their own from the front.

With the 8th army on them.

With the IJA on them.

Being used by the late-war Wehrmacht.

In summary, these are very nice models. They’re expensive, and you probably won’t be building your entire army out of them, but for specific stands, commanders (we used one of the small ones to hold Michael Whittman’s stand), and objectives, they’re just plain excellent. We can’t recommend them enough if they’re within your budget and won’t make your other bases look too bad. 

4.5 out of 5.0 stars


Baueda Miniatures - CAMA line

UK Source: EM4 Miniatures

U.S. Source: Wargames, Inc. (though as of this writing the new owners did not have the CAMA line listed, only Baueda’s other lines).

UK Pricing: € 7.50 per pack


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