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Written by Don MacVittie   
Thursday, 17 April 2008

Imprint Bradley Model primed only. Image is compliments of Imprint Models because we didn't get one with just primer


While I was out looking for a 28mm HMMWV for my nephew, I discovered Imprint Models, who makes a large line of 1:50th “ultra-modern” vehicles. I have a personal history with the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, and I happened to see the Bradley on their site, and fell in love.

I don’t generally do moderns – I don’t yet have a ruleset that I want to play, for example, but this model took my breath away from the pictures on the website.

The model came in pieces of solid resin with a metal barrel, machine gun, and turret hatches. Imprint ships an instruction sheet for assembly, which is much more thorough than anything short of a model. 

The unassembled model

Assembly was quick and relatively painless, taking only about ½ an hour to assemble from start to finish. If you are a wargamer, and you can get a product that looks as good as the high-end models with 1/4 the assembly time... Why not? I then primed it black and set to painting it. Bradleys for desert use are pretty straight-forward for paint jobs – lots of sand, some black, and a good heavy wash of black and brown to give it lots of dirt/dust build-up. 

So painting too was relatively painless, leaving us with a fine looking vehicle that is lacking only some 28mm figures to go with it. Once we pick some of those up, we’ll be set for gaming – though we don’t know what we’ll game.

The finished vehicle from the side 

The model comes with some interesting options. The turret hatches can be modeled open or closed, but come with the ability to open and close. I chose to model them as designed, so that they can open and close. The TOW launcher also opens and closes – down in the normal position, and turning up to expose the TOWs. I modeled this also by their design, able to open and close.

As to details, well this particular model came with bolt-on extra armor cut in angles that make it clear it wasn’t part of the original design, wire mesh over the exhaust that practically paints itself, and clear markings where the side-skirts bolt on. The wheels and treads are highly detailed and very clean, making them as easy to paint up as the rest of the model. 

The vehicle at an angle

It must be because I do not game moderns and all of the ones I’ve picked up have been part of the quest to recognize my nephew’s brush with death… It seems that all the moderns I have picked up have been downright pristine. It would be cool if the same were true of, say, my World War II collection. 

At any rate, this model is exactly what they purport it to be, assembles easily, paints up well, and looks just smashing. Time to go find some 28mm figures and some enemies to fight with. In fact, our biggest complaint is that it is very difficult to find 28mm modern tank crews. For our Hummer, we’re looking hard at a West Wind .50 cal gunner to mod as the gunner for the model.

From the front 

5.0 out of 5.0


Imprint Models Bradley M2/M3

Worldwide direct from Imprint Models 

MSRP £ 18.00

We ordered direct from Imprint to the Wargames @ Nordalia HQ in Wisconsin, and received the order in a timely manner – more quickly than you would expect.

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