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Saturday, 26 April 2008

PROBERT, also known as Zach Ward has collected a vast selection of painting guides covering several genres and periods, and is kindly allowing us to host them.

This guide is nearly as thorough as the first of his guides we published German Uniforms during World War II.

Disclaimer: Zach/Probert does not lay claim to having invented all of these lists. He has been compiling, editing, and modifying most of them for years. If you are aware of an original author of one of these lists, feel free to drop Don a line and we will get proper accreditation included in the list in question. All of us merely want to offer guides to as broad an audience as possible.


The British and Commonwealth fought longer than any other World War II ally, and on as many fronts as any of the other allied armies. In the whole, the mix of terrain to be fought in, British vs. Commonwealth uniforms and equipment, and modifications to uniforms over the course of their long war make a varied set of painting opportunities. If you count support for Free French (actually 19th Corps, prior to Free French) and Free Polish forces, you end up with varied national markings also. 

Because this army was so vast and varied, there’s room for others to throw their preferred painting lists out - Maoris, Indians, pretty much any Commonwealth country but Canadians. So if you have a British or Commonwealth painting guide we’re missing, send it along and we’ll get it posted!

Western Europe 1944-45

Uniform/JacketFlat EarthV983
English UniformV921
Canadian Uniform Mix of Russian Uniform and Brown Violet V924 + 887
AnkletsTan YellowV912
  KhakiFlat EarthV983
  SandPale SandV837
 German Black BrownV822
WebbingDeck TanV986
 Tan YellowV912
 German Camo BeigeV821
 Iraqi SandV819
Entrenching ToolGerman Black BrownV822
Tea mugGerman Black BrownV822
HelmetRussian UniformV924
 Olive GreenV967
 Dark GreenV896
Water BottleBrownV879
Helmet “scrim”Flat EarthV983
Punjabi TurbansKhakiV988
Metal PartsBrassV801
Rank InsigniaWhiteV951
StripesStone GreyV884
Infantry Branch ColorScarletV817

BEF France 1940

Item ColorCode
Uniform English Uniform V921
Webbing/Anklets Green Grey V866
 Khaki V988
 Russian Uniform V924
 Iraqi Sand V819
Helmet Russian Uniform V924
 Green V896
Water bottle Mahogany Brown V846
 German Camo Black Brown V822
Boots/Scabbard Black V950
Highlight Grey V944
Denim Fatigues/Tanker suit Khaki V988
Cap Insignia Brass V801
Ground Sheet Dark Green V979
Wooden Parts Brown V879
Service Color, Infantry Red V957

North Africa

Khaki Drill Uniform Iraqi Sand V819
  Dark Sand V847
Battle Dress British Uniform V921
Webbing/Pouches Stone Grey V884
 Iraqi Sand V819
Socks Khaki V988
Helmets Khaki V988
 Dark Sand V847
 Iraqi Sand V819
Water Bottle Brown V879
Rank Chevrons White V951
Boots German Camo Black Brown V822
 Grey V994
Wooden parts Brown V879
Buckles Brass V801
Anti-gas Cape Dark Green V896

Paratroops 1944+

Steel Helmet Dark Green V896
Denison Smock Dark Green V896
Camo Iraqi Sand V819
  Brown V846
Webbing Iraqi Sand V819
Uniform British Uniform V921
Metal Brass V801
Wood Brown V879
Boots Black V950
Highlight Grey V994
Ropes White V951
Rank Insignia White V951
Anklets Iraqi Sand V819
Beret Dark Red V946
Scarves Dark Green V896


Armor Russian Uniform V924
Desert Armor Dark Sand V819
Desert Camouflage Bronze Green V961
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