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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Kobolds, Kobolds, KOBOLDS! 

Nothing brings a smile to my face like minis that look like the various monsters and NPCs and so forth to be found in the realms of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.  Ages ago, when Reaper was a smaller company with a modest, perhaps 200 or 300 product catalogue they purchased the Dungeon Dwellers line of miniatures - a line that included some early "unofficial" AD&D monster miniatures from Heritage. 

The kobolds of that line were pretty close - or as close as we were going to see in 1978 - to what David C. Sutherland et al drew for the "monster books".  They were good but not great.  However, they were the only kobolds going at the time (without going in for Wizards of the Coast's abortive Chainmail miniatures game), so in deciding to build my army of Annoying Sub-One Hit Dice Monsters collection (ditching my Warhammer Fantasy Battles goblins and orcs in the process) I elected to start purchasing them.

Then, in 2006, Ben Sienes of Reaper sculpted a set of two "kobold bands" - I fell in love with them (and just in time, as the Dungeon Dwellers line has since been discontinued by Reaper!).  These look and feel like good old kobolds to terrorize low-level adventurers with, or stock up your fantasy army on the cheap. 

A Kobold Gang - #3064

Kobold Warriors - #2470

Of course, what great army is without it's lieutenants and medics?  Reaper followed up with a two-pack (also by Sienes - he has the touch for the little dog-lizard humanoids!) containing a "kobold champion" and sorceror (fie - "lieutenant and shaman" for this old-schooler). 

Kobold Champion and Sorcerer - #3024

The icing on the cake was "Skar Mangebelly", a kingly kobold sculpted by Bobby Jackson: 

Skar Mangebelly - #3295

We love Reaper's kobold line, so much so that this author purchased ten or so packs of standard warriors, bolstered by a few lieutenants and shaman, and topped it off with a king to lead them.  Still, painting nearly seventy kobold miniatures is no mean feat and it'll take us a while to get all of these snarling little evildoers looking menacing enough for play! 

The pros: The usual excellent sculpting and casting Reaper has become famous for.  Inexpensive, many different poses, great detail.

The cons: Small bases virtually requires rebasing on all models, tiny details on minis means extra care for painting perfectionists. 

Note: Reaper seems to be poised to include Kobolds in their "Legendary Encounters" line of plastic pre-painted minis, so if you're in love with the sculpts but not with the idea of painting a horde of half-sized cannon fodder monsters, you may want to wait for the next wave of pre-painted minis from Reaper before buying.

Due to camera issues at the Delvers' Dungeon, the images included in this review were found on Miniature Giant.

Reaper Miniatures Online 

Price: $2.99 - 9.99 USD per pack. 

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