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Written by Don MacVittie   
Monday, 26 May 2008


                                                    Escarlata’s face

We ordered the Resina Planet Escarlata a couple of months ago because we thought she was a cool looking figure and were looking forward to painting her up. Originally The WebMistress was going to paint her up, and she wasn’t in for review, but after a thread on TMP that was asking about her, we agreed I would run her through the magic color wash machine and write a review of her.


Escarlata from the front


A 32mm all - metal casting, Escarlata fits in acceptably with 28mm castings, but is too big for most 25mm castings.

This is a beautiful figure, though inordinately well endowed and under clothed, this is a trend that certainly isn’t going to change in fantasy miniatures. Though I admit that an over-endowed, half-dressed woman in thigh-high leather boots on a pirate ship makes me wonder which definition of fantasy the sculptor was thinking of when this figure was made.


From the side. Note the complexity around waist and hair.

With that said, this is clearly not a figure for the weak-hearted or the painter with twitchy fingers. There are a couple of places that pass from merely busy into the realm of very complex. In particular, the hat, hair, tunic, feather junction and the waistline are both a lot of overlapped detail work. I certainly didn’t go overboard on painting her up with varying colors for different bits, and it’s still a pretty scary jumble around her waist.

The figure comes with flag (that I cut down to a size that was more suitable to my tastes), a cutlass, scabbard, dagger, and pistol. The pistol is part of the reason we will not be using her for our gaming purposes – we wargame/roleplay fantasy with no-tech, and the gun becomes a bit anachronistic in that light.

Again from the side. Note the stirrups that aren’t.


One true oddity of the figure is the decoration around the ankles of her boots. Honestly, they look like spurs to me without the actual spur part. While they paint up well enough as decoration, it was a bit odd to me.

The flag pole is well designed for the large flag that comes with the figure, bending in the wind that holds the flag out straight. The cutlass is plain but accurately depicts historical cutlasses. The same is true for the dagger strapped to her inner thigh.

From behind and above. You can see the simple part of the waist beads here.

The face is well done and easy enough to paint, though the other flesh-covered areas are less simple. The bits of flesh poking out between her boots and her skirt are difficult because of the “business” listed above, and the breasts are just so over-endowed that it’s difficult to correctly shade them on the first try. But they’re all doable. There is a bit of chain or beads that go around the waist that are easy enough to paint, but their purpose is unclear. 

From below and to the front.

Overall, if you are patient and a decent painter, you’ll enjoy this miniature, though she will take you longer to paint up than most 28mm figures. She makes an impressive pirate lass, and would do wonders gracing the decks of your ship.

We at Wargames @ Nordalia try to clearly separate what is purely emotional response from things that are fact and can be shown with pictures or measurements. For this review, I have to say that my emotional response to this figure wasn’t so great… She just didn’t grab me in-the-flesh the way that I thought she would when I saw pictures of her online. This may or may not matter to you, but it’s worth pointing out. We paint a lot of fantasy miniatures, and more female fantasy miniatures than most people out there… So there is some reason that this is worth mentioning.


A: Escarlata

B: Dennis Mize/Dark Sword Miniatures

C: Reaper Miniatures

D: Tom Meier/Dark Sword Miniatures


With HassleFree Miniatures’ Tiriel



UK: Artemis Black’s

UK Price: £7.50


US: Rattlehead Games

US Price: $12.75


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