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Written by Don MacVittie   
Friday, 18 July 2008

Tonight was "finish the Americans" night, and they're done. As usual, I won't give away review details, but here's a preview of the review for you...


It's a large review, but they came out pretty, and there are definite qualitative differences, which is always good for a comparative review.

I also nearly finished the 1:16th Knight for the WebMistress, one more pass of filtering and touch-ups and we're done. Then it's time to move on to something else - PaperTerrain perhaps, but perhaps I'll take a night out and do the 1:72nd Tiger II I'm building - I have never built a Tiger II before now, not modeling, not wargaming, nothing. I just am not a fan. I bought one specifically because I'd never done one, and it's nearly assembled.

Today's tip: Use a lot of different basing materials to make your bases more realistic. I keep sand, leaves (by Koch, find them in your model railroad store), grass, static grass, and cat litter around, and use it all.

Until next time,


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