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Written by Don MacVittie   
Thursday, 24 July 2008

Tonight was "finish up the 25/28mm US Infantry Review" night.

In that, we were successful. We retook nearly every picture (and they're much better), finished the write-up, and got it into the hands of the reader.

Now I can go back to the PaperTerrain stuff. I nearly finished the farmhouse the other night but wanted to keep content flowing so stopped and took care of the other review. Now it's back to work. I can't wait to see St. Mere Eglise in 28mm glory on our tabletop.

For now, it's late and I'm headed off to bed.

Until next I pick up scissors and glue ;-)

Tonight's tip: Use layers. Find out what they are, practice on them, start using them. There are too many figures out there that get the single-coat treatment, or have the BF washout effect from too much white. 


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