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Written by Don MacVittie   
Friday, 25 July 2008

Today was a horrific day at work, everything I tried to do did not happen, and spent a bit of time even locked out of my laptop.

This evening was the opposite. Blogs and Forums are not ready yet on the new site, but everything else - content, searching, polls, and - we hope - email registration that won't look like spam to some email providers are all there. Users won't transfer, which is downright painful, but this version of Mambo had some major holes in it that we wanted fixed - like no valid RSS feeds and no searching - so we're going to figure it out some way - either by finding a tool to decrypt/encrypt the user passwords, or by asking everyone to re-register and then transferring things like their post count for them. I don't know why all of the article content transferred and blog content won't, I'll look into that this weekend.

I also got some more done on the PaperTerrain stuff farm. It is nearly done, only the ruined version of the barn left to do. Then I think I'll do the chapel at St. Mere Eglise before doing the Eurovillage... But I'm not certain yet. I want to finish them all before writing the review so that we can cover a breadth of their European line in 28mm.

Anyway, off to bed. Until next I pick up glue and scissors!



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