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Written by Don MacVittie   
Sunday, 27 July 2008

I didn't get much review time the last couple of nights, but I did finish the PaperTerrain 28mm European farmhouse, and start on the village set. 

I had intended to do St. Mere Eglise next for review, but I had some questions for Scott at PaperTerrain, since i'm doing the first 28mm version, so while I wait for answers I started on the village. I'll drop the village next to the 15mm version of the same houses, and throw down some miniatures to give you an idea how they compare.

Not much other than that done, some work on the new site, but not enough, and some talk about what we want out of the new version and what we're willing to give up/ask users to do to get there. There are huge benefits to the new one, but thus far we don't have a way to transfer users, so everyone would have to re-register, and then we could update post counts and such.

Not much conversation about UCs unfortunately, but there is a at least one user post, so I'm happy to throw them out to that person. 

Anyway, off to bed.  Tomorrow I'll likely clean up some personal stuff before getting back to the PT village.

Until then!


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