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Written by Don MacVittie   
Thursday, 28 May 2009


For Christmas, the WebMistress bought me a box of the Tamiya Infantry with desant (tank rider) figures, and when I looked close at the box, I realized I needed a T-34 for some of them to ride on. So I picked up the Tamiya 1:48th T-34, even though we only rarely game the Eastern Front and almost never in 28mm, I wanted to have a place for the tank riders to sit.

As with all of the 1:48th models we’ve received from Tamiya (which is a few – 12 or so), the T-34 is nicely done, easily assembled, and paints up pretty. We have done our fair share of T-34s in 1:35th and 1:100th, and this model compares well with everything we’ve touched.

The box comes with 14 figures, seven for the tank and seven on foot. That breaks down to one tank commander, six desant infantry, and seven infantry on foot. There are two sniper figures, a Maxim machine gunner, and a LMG gunner, along with a mix of rifles and SMGs. The tank is a “B” version, which is the first massively produced version of the tank, and comes with some nice tidbits.

The decals that come with the tank are okay, but having been to Russia and not being a fan of Stalinist slogans, I was reduced to one set that I found acceptable… The number 64 combined with a small red star under the barrel. Nice enough, and with a bit of weathering it comes out pretty nice.

The biggest weakness with the T-34 is the hand holds. They’re tiny, as you would expect at 1:48th, and break easily. We got them all placed, and during painting two of them broke. Since the depressions where they mount up are not deep, you could leave them off, and I considered doing just that, but since the tank is for the tank riders, hand-holds were kind of important to the model.

The background building is one half of the temple set from Pegasus Miniatures that I mentioned on Twitter. It’s really very nice, and it makes the T-34 look really nice too.

The figures come two in greatcoats, two in sniper cloaks, and the remainder in normal padded uniforms. The gear is the usual Tamiya mix of a ton of gear that you can mix and match to make fit. The one problem with this pack that I really didn’t like at all is that the figures marked as having a certain kind of pack must wear that type of pack for the straps to line up correctly. Of course, I didn’t get to worried about that and just put on what I wanted for each figure, but it would have been nice if I didn’t have to touch up with paint everywhere I deviated on the back-packs.

Overall, if you’re a 28mm Eastern Front gamer you will love the tank. If you’re a modeler that leans toward 1:48th, you’ll love the infantry. If you’re a 28mm wargamer, you will likely be frustrated by the contents of the package – one of each is not real useful – but the figures are nice and combined with some other 1:48th figures would make a nice unit. The special weapons are largely here, so vanilla infantry figures from another vendor would flesh out a great unit.



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