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Written by Don MacVittie   
Sunday, 13 September 2009

While in Cincinnati in July, I picked up a pack of Wild Republic Paint and Play Medieval Knight Play Set  - along with a ton of other stuff - from Boardwalk Hobbies (great hobby store, btw, an eclectic mix of models and wargaming miniatures with some solid reference books for historicals). I actually bought it on a fluke because I bought a nephew who is interested in painting the pirate set, and thought “what the heck, I’ll get one”.

Then my 20 month old went nuts over them. He loved them, wanted to play with them all of the time, even though they were still unpainted – solid white soft resin. So I decided to move them to the top of the painting list.

These things are 1:10th (roughly) scale, about six to six and a half inches tall, and there are four in the box. The soft plastic is pliable enough that if you get a box that had a figure or two sitting in there wrong, you’re going to have to use hot water to mould them back into position. I did that in a couple of places, but I left a couple bent because my son doesn’t care, and you get to see how bad the bending can be.

Straight up, having bought these on a fluke and thinking they’d be a fun diversion to paint up, I was surprised at how pretty they are. The detail is there, the plastic holds paint well, and the armor/clothing is well crafted.

Not going to say too much about these because you have to have a reason to buy them – they’re huge even next to my 1:16th miniatures – so I’m merely throwing them up based upon how pleased I was. And you really can’t beat the price, I’m thinking of buying some more and painting them up. The problems I’ve found so far is that there are only the four poses, and for some reason they’re difficult to find in the US – in fact, I had to search to find online resellers not in the UK, but Megahobby came through for the US at least.

With that said, here are some quick snapshots of them.

From the front. Notice the bend in the top corner of the shield of the figure on the right (the Dirgian if you’re familiar with the Orders of Nordalia), and the wavy look of the sword the figure next to it is holding (the Doornian if you’re familiar with the Orders of Nordalia). These are the two I did not use hot water to straighten out. The others I simply boiled some water and used it to heat the bent portions and bent them into shape.

From the sides. Notice the little things like the fold of the cloth and the bulges in the armor. These are extremely well crafted for 20 dollar kids toys.

The kits come with a set of paints and two brushes. I gave the paints and brushes to the nephew that had the pirate kit, so don’t have a list of colors, etc. but it was only a few pots of paint.

UK Source
Mulberry Bush Toy Shop
MSRP: £9.99

US Source
MSRP: 18.00

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