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Thursday, 01 March 2007
Dwarfman takes a look at the CD loaded with pictures of War-Painter's work, and gives you his impression of the contents.
Have you ever thought how cool it would be to collect loads of pictures of your favorite models and store them in one place for viewing? Well, that's what this CD is�more than 2,000 pictures of models painted by the U.K.-based War-painter brother/brother team. It took me a couple of hours to work my way through the whole thing, but the time spent is definitely worth it.

I bought the CD at War-painter's eBay store, and it arrived very promptly. Enclosed in the package were the disk itself and an A4 sheet with instructions on how to set up the CD as a Screensaver Gallery. I found the instruction sheet very helpful, and quickly set up my screensaver.

Contents of the package I received.

Pictures in the CD were mostly 15mm WWII. In fact, I think every army from WWII is covered! Especially prominent were U.S. Paras, Fallshirmjager, Desert Rats, U.S. Infantry and German Infantry. The models in the pictures were usually Battlefront or Command Decision, but I did notice a couple of Peter Pigs. It was also interesting to see models from the American Civil War, as well as Ancients. A large number of the Ancients pictures were 15mm Punic Wars models and 15mm Early Imperial Roman models from Corvus Belli. Also thrown into the gallery were some 25mm Old West and 25mm WWII.

The quality of the pictures was excellent�only three were slightly out of focus, out of 2,000. The pictures were usually taken on a terrained gaming board or a piece of dark fabric, both of which showed the models very well.

The miniatures were, for the most part, very well painted. However, I could tell that some were of the duo's early work�they hadn't yet developed the distinct style that's apparent in the newer photos. I didn't mind this too much; in fact, I rather liked seeing how much progress had been made over the years.

The only thing that I was slightly disappointed in was that the pictures were not divided into chapters; you see, gentle reader, I am an absolute sucker for organization. Of course, I don't really see a way that War-painter could have organized the pictures on a normal household CD, so I can't chastise them too hard on this matter. One thing that I have done is organize the pictures into folders on my own computer: one for German, one for British, one for U.S.A. and so on. This way, when I'm painting models and want to look at War-painter's work for inspiration, I just go to the corresponding folder. Note that organizing the pictures was a VERY time consuming affair, however!

Overall I was extremely pleased with War-painter's CD. It would have been nice if the pictures had been organized, but this is not a major problem. The disk is chock full of wonderfully painted models, which are a joy to spend hours staring at. It has definitely given me inspiration to get out those paint brushes and start working!

War-painter has a website with a link to where you can purchase his CD: War-painter

URL: War-painters' online store
Price: � 3.50
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