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Written by Don MacVittie   
Sunday, 28 October 2007
Don takes an in-depth look at a selection of Scale Creep's 15mm ACW miniatures.

The figures for this review

A while back, when we ordered some Resistant Roosters miniatures from Scale Creep, Mark included a couple of packs of Scale Creep's American Civil War figures. We thought they were pretty nice, so we set out to get them ready for our table. We got them painted quick enough, despite a misstep when we tried to paint a couple of samples with craft paints and were not pleased with the results. While craft paints normally work just peachy, we didn't have enough craft paints in Civil War tones to make the minis look right, and we didn't want to mix each color individually unless we had to.

It's been a while since we prettied up anything ACW, and all our existing ACW figures are 20mm plastic, so we were looking for new paint options. In the end, we opted for our large collection of Vallejo paints, with a few Howard Hues for wood and leather, and we're happy with the results.

There are a lot of options for ACW figures, but we wanted to keep things simple, so we painted these bad-boys up as straight Union infantry. We had both advancing and firing infantry, and have arranged them here in skirmish lines.

At an angle.

Each pack comes with eight figures. The advancing pack contains two poses, both wearing kepi; the firing packs contain two poses, bareheaded with legs together and legs apart.

The figures are just a little bit tall for 15mm, so if you're looking to mix and match with other 1:100 figures, these will be the tall guys in the unit. They're not so bad that they'll stand out and look like supermen, fortunately�we measured 17-18mm feet to eyes.

The measurement. Note that the ruler goes to base bottom, not foot bottom, and the base is 1mm thick.


If you're not an American Civil War gamer, but this article interests you, the Jackson Mississippi Gamers have written quite a few rule American Civil War rule sets that they are giving away.

Since Jackson was central to several area battles, it makes sense that they wuld have an abiding interest, we're grateful they are willing to share.

Scroll down past the battle reports to find the rules they offer up. This will give you a chance to try out some ACW without shelling out for rules on day one.

For crafting quality, they're pretty darned good. We really like the hair on the bare-headed figures, with a couple of different hair styles evident that are easy to paint and (unlike some bare-headed figures) present a realistic look when painted up. Note that one of the firing poses might just remind you of that elf that wants to be a dentist if you paint his hair blonde. (Editor's Note: Herbie! His name is Herbie!) You've been warned.

The biggest negative we found about the figures were the bayonets. They're scaled well, which means they're fragile where the rod connects blade to barrel. We broke two off just painting the figures, before we started being extra careful with them. So use caution. If you grab your ACW stands by the bayonet, this will be an issue for you long-term. For everyone else, a little caution will keep it from becoming a problem. The way that they break off, you can paint them up as rifles without bayonets, it's up to you whether most of your figures having bayonets and a few not is acceptable.


The equipment supplied with the figures is accurate according to our research with the Smithsonian, and the internal figure scaling (the relationship of different parts to one another) is consistent. Flash was not real evident, but we did receive these figures nearly a year ago (and painted them not long after that � we were just slow to get them written up).

The faces are well detailed, and definitely paintable, though we do not paint faces on 15mm figures so they are not in this picture. If you're coming from the 28mm world, they'll likely look incomplete unless you do paint them.

Manufacturer: Scale Creep Miniatures

US MSRP: $4.50 per pack
US Source: Direct from Scale Creep
UK MSRP: � 3.00 per pack
UK Source: Fighting 15s (
Model Numbers:

SCM-CWIN11 Infantry Firing (Bare headed) - 8 figures
SCM-CWIN03 Infantry Advancing (Kepi) � 8 figures


3.5 of 5.0 stars

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