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Written by Zach Ward   
Sunday, 18 November 2007
Bringing you the second of PRobert/Zach Ward's excellent series of painting guides, the WWII American painting guide covers all but Microarmor, and includes guides for every theater and several branches of service (airborne, marines, army).

As with the German Army painting guide, Zach has collected an impressive set of guidelines, and we're happy to be able to share them with you. Feel free to send us any additions or corrections you have found useful while using these guides, Zach is happy to share the credit if you have a contribution.

Mid-war, North Africa

Helmet887Brown Violet
Jacket and Waders988Khaki
Jackets837Pale Sand
Pants873US Field Drab
Belt and Webbing886Green Grey

Boots984Mahogany Brown

818Red Leather
HBT shirt893Dark Green

NW Europe, D-Day and Beyond

Helmets887Brown Violet
Uniform893US Dark Green
Mackinaw Jacket874US Tan Earth
Webbing914Green Ochre

886Green Grey
Boots and Scarves846Mahogany Brown
Brown Trousers846Mahogany Brown


HBT overalls893US Dark Green
Helmet887Brown Violet
Goggles872Chocolate Brown


Uniform80% 882Middlestone

20% 893US Dark Green
Webbing886Green Grey
Helmet897Brown Violet
Jump Boots984Flat Brown

Airborne Midwar and DDay

Uniform977Desert Yellow
Jump Boots984Mahogany Brown
Webbing819Iraqi Sand
Helmet897Brown Violet
Scabbard968Flat Green
Elbow/Knee Patches879Green Brown
Spade cover819Iraqi Sand
Holster879Green Brown
Gas Mask Bag950Black
Highlight994Dark Grey

Glider Troops

Trousers973US Field Drab
Webbing914Green Ochre

886Green Grey
Helmet887Brown Violet
Boots984Flat Brown

Camo Suit

Base821German Camo beige
Camo984Flat Brown

893US Dark Green


Base Coat887Brown Violet
Tank Camo874US Tan Earth
Support Weapons887Brown Violet

Pacific Marines

Uniform886Green Grey
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