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     Ambush Alley Games
Modern combat rules for 15mm and larger figures. Solo rules included. We haven't tried them.
     Ambush Blitz!
Relatively new WWII 1:144 scale game system that uses geomorphic hexes for distance instead of tape measures. We have not tried these rules.
     Command Decision: Test of Battle
WWII rule set with 15/20mm figures in mind. We haven't tried it, but the buzz is that it is more complex than most games (and the 200 page rulebook makes that sound accurate).
     Final Round free WWII Rules
We haven't tried them, but they're similar to other popular games.
     Fire and Fury
Publishers of BattleFront WWII miniatures rules covering from the Spanish Civil War to Korea. NOTE: If you are looking for Flames of War by BattleFront Miniatures, this is not the same game. Do not let use of the name BattleFront confuse you.
     Flames of War
Home of the popular Flames of War ruleset.
     FoW Early War Forums
For discussion of FoW early war scenarios, rule modifications, and army lists.
     FoW Modern
FoW rules adapted to modern armies and equipment. We don't play modern, so please don't ask us if it's any good - but if you try them, give us your impression and we'll update this link.
     FoW Pacific
Yahoo group that details special rules, army lists, etc. for FoW to be played in the Pacific Theater.
     Games Workshop
Makers of WarHammer Fantasy, WarHammer Ancients, and WarHammer 40K rules and miniatures.
     Hammer War Games
WWII and modern rules currently covering 15-28mm figures, with 6mm in the works.
     Iron Ivan Games
Producers of several 20th Century Rulesets, including their best-known Disposable Heroes/Coffin for Seven Brothers. Don't as us, we didn't have seven brothers.
     Lost Battalion Games
Makers of an array of miniatures and board games.
     Old Dominion Game Works
Publishers of several wargaming rulesets. Probably best known for Mein Panzer, but publishes several others.
     Operation WWII
The download page for the successor to Operation Overlord. Note that activity has been low of late. If you haven't played Operation Overlord, it's worth checking out, just for new ideas in wargames.
     Peter Pig/RFCM
Peter Pig sells a huge selection of rulesets made by the Rules for the Common Man Group. These include Poor Bloody Infantry (PBI) and Abtielung, and War in the Age of Magic (WAM)
     Rapid Fire!
     Realistic Wargames Limited
New Rules now available online ‘Storming the Reich’ World War II war games rule book set at battalion level encounters, suitable for use with 15mm to 28mm scale miniatures.
     Sengoku-Jidai (1545-1600) Samurai Warfare in the age of Warring States
Sengoku-Jidai is a Samurai warfare modification to the popular Flames of War rules set.
     Skirmish Campaigns
Generic WWII scenarios, resellers of generic colonial period scenarios, multiple WWII and later rulesets. The Skirmish Campaigns series is excellent for skirmish-level games.
     Steel Dreadnaught Games / Naval Thunder
A collection of pre-dreadnought to WWII Naval battle rules. We haven't tried them, but they're selling like mad on WargamesVault.
     The Age of Might and Steel
15mm PDF Fantasy rules at an affordable price. The Wargames @ Nordalia staff has not tried these rules... Yet.
     The Face of Battle
WWII Skirmish rules for 15-28mm miniatures.
     Tommi Atkins Wargames
Fun rules for WWII and Napoleonics. Worth visiting just for the hilarious read. We have not tried any of their rules yet, but we're looking forward to them.
     Too Fat Lardies
Publishers of a range of rule sets from Napoleonic to WWII, best know for "I Ain't Been Shot Mum!" WWII company-level rules.
     Two Hour Wargames
Developers of rules for a variety of genres, primarily in 25-54mm scales. Most well known for NUTS! WWII rules.
     Warengine - Free Generic Rules (Wiki-based)
Rules that, in theory, cover any genre. Since they're wiki based, you can contribute your own work to them. The Wargames Team has not tried these rules.
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