Terrain for all scales, timeperiods, and genres
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     Basement Troll Studios
Want your terrain custom built? Here's the place. Currently 10 and 28mm, but you could ask about 15mm. We have held their 28mm stuff, it's great.
     Baueda Miniatures
Italian producer of Terrain for many Genres/scales. Very high quality. Also 28mm Fantasy figures and 15mm historical heroes.
     Castle Kits
Licensed Hirst Arts distributor providing pre-cast sets and complete kits, miniatures and accessories. Watch for upcoming reviews..
     Dwarven Forge
Producers of an array of terrain from medieval buildings to Sci-Fi.
     Hirst Arts
Makers of molds for 28mm buildings. Most of the parts are also usable at 15/20mm - particularly the blocks, which make an excellent wall or rubble.
     J. R. Miniatures
J. R. Miniatures produces an expansive array of terrain including prepared defenses entire villages at prices that you can afford. We have never been displeased with their goods. Note: We have never purchased direct from J. R. our FLGS stocks them
     Litko Aerosystems
Terrain, purpose-built wargaming accessories, and our favorite: Movement/Skirmish trays.
Paper wargaming buildings and accessories in 6mm, 10/12mm, 15mm, 20mm & 25/28mm scale. A special feature of our buildings is that each one has a ruined version which fits under the undamaged version. This allows you to place troops inside, or 'destro
     Spirit of \'76 Studios
Resin terrain - primarily 15mm but some useful for 20mm and plans for 28mm Expansive trench system.
     Terrain Thralls
Excellent site with terrain building tutorials.
     War Torn Worlds
Great and affordable 28mm terrain in Gypsum and recycled rubber. We use it in 28mm wargaming and in the Arial sculpting article.
     Zuzzy Miniatures
US manufacturer of all sorts of terrain - we're interested in their flexible gaming mats.
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