Websites useful for painting.
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     Achtung Panzer!
Lots of good painting references at Achtung Panzer! Color photos and more.
Talk about taking a niche topic and doing it up right. If you need online camo samples for painting reference, drop in here.
     Military Photos.NET
Excellent selection of pictures from various 20th century armies. Please read the FAQ - it is unabashedly a pro-US, pro-military site, and going out there and posting trash-talk will just get you banned.
     The Miniature Painting FAQ
It's not well organized, nor particularly well written, but if you've got questions about painting, basing, modding, or inking your miniatures, this is a good place to start. Written for sci-fi and fantasy, the techniques apply to any genre.
     The Painting Clinic
Some excellent tutorials here, but like any resource, sometimes we cringe at their choices (drybrushing is not lower quality than a diluted coat, just a different technique, for example).
     WW II In Color
A web site with color photographs from WWII. Most countries are well represented.
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